In Flight

As expected, Continental airlines haven’t figured out how to get airplanes between syracuse and NYC. Luckily, Jazzy Jeff found us a flight on United to bypass NYC, hit Chicago and then on to Tokyo… And we arrive earlier. So that’s cool.

Connie and I are sitting on a plane now, that arrived in Chi town a little to early… So our arrival gate wasn’t available.

Our pilot was a man by the name of Kris Kristofferson, which I found fun. Our flight attendant’s name was Judy I Will Be Assisting You In the Cabin. I’m not sure why we needed to know tthat Kris Kristofferson had given up his country singing career and bad vampire movie acting career to fly my plane, yet Judy didn’t have the courtesy to tell us her last name.

Ok. So it wasn’t the real Kris Kristofferson… But the lady made a point of telling that to us.

More to come with in flight thoughts as we head to Tokyo

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