Back in August I set out to find some artists to help me shape the scenes of Ashio.  The deadline is obviously dangerously near.  I had found a few artists that I had liked their works.  Last week I was emailed a piece of work, and I haven’t had the time to critique or analyze, because of my work schedule.  Here’s the email I received today:

Hello there,

Hmm… no reply from you. I wonder why.. is that because my art sucked
and you wanted to avoid “hurting” my feelings?

Very nice of you then. Or.. because you are trying to avoid paying
people, speaking constantly of your small budget, being WAY upstate
with your family, or whatever else you can come up with that would
make you look like an honorable man busy with creating the inspiring
masterpiece for the future generations..

Well, didn’t count on that from the beginning, just so you know. Just wanted to see how that would work out with “someone, who likeschallenges and is always willing to bring [smth] to the next level”(something like that, right? not quite precise to be a quote, sorry,but i think i got the idea) whatever the reasons, Michael, that was very cowardly of you (not cool enough to be called asshole).

Cheers, no need to reply. Oh, sorry, you were probably not going to..

And, here is my response…

Well, I must say, I didn’t expect that in my inbox today.  Congratulations on your bravery and gusto as well.  You definitely have passion.  I apologize for not getting back to you sooner.  Despite your innermost feelings and insecurities, I do lead a busy life juggling two jobs and family while trying to head a business expedition to Tokyo in two weeks.   On my days off from one job I take the time to catch up on all my back work and emails.  Sometimes it takes me a little bit to get back to someone, especially when I have to sit down and write something that can’t be a quick mobile response.  

Since you have thrown down the gauntlet in such a graceful and businesslike manner, and forced my hand, I will reply with the utmost honesty.

When I posted my listing, you originally sent me three pieces of work and I was greatly impressed with those three pieces, otherwise, I would not have responded to you.  Your three original pieces showed great emotion and age, wisdom, and maturity… as well as great contrast and great composition to match the human compassion, especially with the mixing of medias between ink and charcoal and maybe some watercolor thrown in there.  Those three pieces of work set the standard for my impression of you.  There’s great potential in your artwork.

When you responded and told me you had a piece of work finished, I was excited and anticipating what sort of work you had come up with.  I was intrigued and ready for a great piece of work.

What you sent me was disappointing when compared to your previous work.  And, I can tell by your aggravated response that you are already insecure about the piece.  The piece you sent me lacked the personality and it lacked the depth and the wisdom of your previous pieces.  I was looking forward to the humanity you seemed to be able to draw out of a face.  What you sent me was amateur and beneath you, beneath the work you sent me before.  There was no contrast.  There was no depth.  There was no humanity.  If you stand back and compare it to the pieces you used to set the expectation with, you will agree.  It has no heart.  It has no passion.  I know you are a better artist than what you sent me. 

But, instead of choosing to wait for a response, so I could return to you some constructive criticism, you chose to impatiently attack and verbally abuse me.  If you had put half the passion into your artwork that you do in your self-righteous verbal assaults, then possibly we wouldn’t have this conversation in this manner.   

Thank you for the time you put into your piece.  Keep your artwork.  I won’t need it.  But, I would recommend not using it in your portfolio.  You have far better works than that and you are a far better artist than that. 

Needless to say, I will not be working with you now or in the future.  I’ve got enough work to do than to have to deal with an impatient, insecure, immature amateur artist.  If this is how you conduct your business, then more power to you.  Good luck out there.  You’ve got fight in you.  I’ll give you that much.

Best wishes and God bless.

I can’t really comment much more on it than I did in the letter.  I am sorry I didn’t respond sooner, so as to avoid that, but I can’t be everywhere for everybody.  I am busy.  I have a lot going on a mere 12 days before Tokyo.

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