For the past week I have been hammering away and the latest draft of the script that is taking me to the other side if the world. I took about two months of from even looking at it, just to gain a new perspective on the film from the ground up.

For a very long time I had a few very straight forward logic problems that I couldn’t figure out how to overcome. It had bothered me since day one for a few scenes. After some time apart, it didn’t take long for all of it to become clear to me. All I had to do was a little math and not be afraid of the changes that needed to be made.

And changes needed to be made. This draft could possibly be the greatest and deepest thing I’ve ever written… Outside of the novel, which has been quietly resting at 161 pages for over a year now. I should probably get back to that at some point. But not now. Now is not the time. We are less than sixty days from Japan, and here I am rewriting the script from to to bottom.

I’ve even amazed myself at a few of the changes, while subtle, they change characters from beginning to end. All of them change for the better. Each character is deeper. So much deeper. And the subtext now is far greater than before.

I’m making some real progress. It’s remarkable what a little research can do to change your focus.

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