It’s later at night. It’s been a rough week on all fronts for all of us. The moving process is an exhausting chore of wondering why you held on to this shit in the first place.

My eyes are weary. My body is sore. As each day passes I feel the warmth of her as I pull myself closer and closer. She breathes. She sleeps. I lie awake. But the warmth pulls me in. I wrap my arms around her. I pull her close. I squeeze her. I feel the heat of her skin as I try to let the night take over. Eventually it will.

She snores. I smile and hold her closer. She’s mine. I can’t remember ever feeling so close. So naturally free and able.

I close my eyes. I smile. I dream of this life I am in.

I close my eyes and smile. She’s right there beside me. The woman I have always wanted.

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