Here I go. Dreaming again.

I really don’t know why day job has to take up so much of my damn time.  I have so much stuff I’d like to do.  This morning, before work, I got up and studied a little bit of computer programming.

Never in my life have I ever done such a thing.

But see, I have this idea.  And it’s original.  And it hasn’t been done yet.  And with the right kind of motion, I can make it happen and I can make a little bit of money at it.

The only thing is… it involves computer programming and some smart phones. 

I can handle the basic techie stuff.  That’s no big deal. But, delving into this deep programming thing is probably way over my head.  I’m a smart guy.  But I’m not THAT smart. 

I think it’s going to take some practice to build my app and get it out there.

I just never have the time.

I am a creator.

I think  A LOT.

I have a lot of ideas and no time to keep up with them.

A few years ago I started a “This Week In Death” project and even still, I would love to continue it.  It was a series of short mini-pseudo documentaries on the lives of famous dead people.  Especially those in the news.  I gained a little bit of a following on youtube because of it, but not much.  Not nearly as much as I did with my World of Warcraft video.

It’s nice to have a viral video.  It’s been around for a few years.  Most of the world of warcraft players have seen it.  Sadly, at the same time, the biggest audience I will ever have on ANY project worldwide, will be the audience of this world of warcraft video.  I’m at about 1.5 million views and still going strong.  It’s kind of cool to have that sort of recognition.  In geek culture, a large portion know this video and after almost three years it is one of the highest rated and well in the top 100 warcraft videos on youtube of all time.

But I can’t have THAT be my claim to fame!  I dream bigger than that.

I have these ideas all the time and just don’t have the resources or the connections to make them come true.  About four years ago, I began to develop a video game.  It was simply… The Cannonball Run.  it was a massively multiplayer online racing game where players would design their own cars and enter into races and tournaments to win in game money to make and build and level their car up.  And semi annually there would be a virtual cannonball run across the united states.. in game… for a special prize.

And.  here we are.  Four years later.

Again, I’m not claiming I thought of it first.  It comes back to my theory on the creative conscious.  Those ideas are put out into the universe and those that can hear and have the means it make it happen.  But, not necessarily all of those who hear it can make it happen.

So that’s where I stand with my mobile phone app.

I found a gap in the marketplaces of both the iphone and the android.  There’s a need and I may actually have the means to make this happen.  I just don’t know if I have the brains to make it happen.

It’s going to take a lot of work.  That’s for sure.  Hopefully, I can figure this out and tackle it the only way I know how.  Collaboration.

…and some hard book study with a hands on Software Developer’s Kit.

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