Draft Six complete.

Another day of writing.  it began relatively early, with me fresh out of bed.  I hopped on the computer and set forth to finish the third act of Ashio, for the sixth time.  It’s been sitting here for two weeks with nothing done to it, because I… well I’ve been busy.

I truly enjoy working on this project.  Every minute I spend on it, I so quickly get dragged into another world and another place. It’s almost too easy for me to fall into place on this project.  My vision is crystal clear on it.  I see the characters.  Actors I’ve never met, never known and never seen perform.  But I see them all.  As if I had worked with them for years. 

The imagery is so bright and the color so bold, yet so contrasting.  Bright blue skies overlook the darkness of the browns and drab greens of the copper and the grays of the mountain, offsetting the entire balance of the greens of nature and the blues of the heavens and waters.  It’s a clash of industrial vs. nature in every sense on the color palette.

I see props.  Weapons.

I see costumes.

I see the emotion and the drama.  I see the pent up frustration of the leading man.  I hear the sounds of the hammers and gears pounding away in the mine.  The way the steam whistle echoes across the valley floor.  I know the shape of the timber of every sound and every gunshot.

I’ve already seen this movie.  I’ve heard it.  I’ve played it through and through probably a hundred times already.

It’s a fascinating project.  It’s a lifelong dream to be workinig on this project. 

This is a project I began over ten years ago.  I just didn’t know it back then.

Today.  I finished the sixth draft of the script.  It’s good enough to take to Tokyo.

Now.  It’s time to begin the presentation. 

It is time for pre-production.

It is time for concept art and test video.

Maybe I should get back to doing this:


It’s also time to recruit my team.  If you are out there, you had better be prepared.  This will be the biggest thing we will ever work on.

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