Sunrise and laziness

It comes and goes in waves.  the blush and push of creativity.  It crawls inside.  It seeps out your ears.  Other times.  It’s so easy to let laziness and discontent stifle all the words you could possibly muster up in a single sentence.  The world spins around and the world drags me down.  It’s easy to get caught up in the tornado and so simple to just let it slide.

I’ve got five months before I go to Japan.  I know summer is going to be a bust when it comes to working on the movie.  But at the same time, there’s not a whole lot I can do.  The script is written.  There’s some little side projects that I could tackle to beef up the production pitch.  But really?  Is all that necessary?  After all.  I’m not selling the script.  I’m selling ME.  I have to be in the greatest shape in my life and have to have the utmost confidence and vision in my project.  And that I do.  All I need to do is just read a few pages and I am on a tear.


I see the film in my eyes when I look at the page.  I get lost in my own words and begin to form the environment.  The rock outcroppings.  A young pregnant woman sitting atop a high rocky peak, staring at the sunrise on the horizon below her.  Elsewhere inside the night sky, the rain pours down.  Soaking through the shoes.  The mud slipping between the toes.  The water piling deep as that sword is drawn.  The rain runs along the edge.  The ropes around the man’s wrists are tied tight. The water from the sky above soaks through them making them tight and drawn in.  Water droplets form on the man’s eye glasses.  He can’t see.  He’s begging.  Pleading for his life.  I don’t understand the words, but I know what they are because I wrote them.  He’s begging.  Aching to be set free.  The man above him, blade in hand, is stern.  Solid.  He’s a rock among living men.  He is judge, jury, and executioner.  There is no mistaking in his mind what he is doing is right.  He eyes the man below him with no pity.

And somewhere in there is the opening of the movie.  Through the mountains the sunrise is purple and orange.  A title appears through the quiet morning sky.


      Sunrise over Ashio.

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