Carpe Diem

Now I try to not get on here and talk about my kids too much.  I’d rather just keep them to myself and not be “that guy” who talks about his kids all the time when he should be gushing on about his movie work and his music.  Divorce makes it hard to contain that.  When my kids aren’t around it’s like two parts of my body are missing.  It makes me not sleep at night.  It makes me miserable.  It makes me cry much more than I should.

I’m not a  sissy or anything.  I am all man after all.  Much more man than most others.  In more ways than one.  But, I do seem to cry a bit.  Especially during movies.  I blame Pixar.  They know exactly how to tug at your heartstrings and pull those tear ducts open.  Last year, UP was ridiculous.  The whole back story of the grumpy old man was about as brutal as a movie can be.  Before that, I cried during Wall-E.  Was ridiculous.  I couldn’t believe the emotion they were able to pull out of me.

You’d think I would have cried during Finding Nemo.  It’s about a dad and his kid after all.  But no.  I cry when a little tin can robot tries to hold the hand of a metal egg.

Last week… the Lost finale brought tears to my eyes at three different times.  they did a good job of putting that together.

And this is no recent reaction. I’ve talked about this before in other blogs… from a LONG time ago.  You can search it out if you know where to look.  Many, many years ago, there was a goofy sci fi show known as Quantum Leap.  Look it up.  It’s a fantastic show.  There was one episode where Sam leaps through time and plays John Lennon’s Imagine for his little sister (in the past) and she breaks down.  Yeah.  Even then I lost it and couldn’t keep my shit together.


This past weekend, rather than celebrate Memorial Day with cook outs and family.  I did the next best thing.  I worked.  At least it wasn’t at my day job.  It was with my band playing a party.  I brought my kids along.  There was some family present.  Well, my son managed to knock my socks off.  They’ve been growing more interested lately in my music… and they’ve always been interested in the movies.  The kids helped us load the equipment trailer this weekend and made sure they were involved.

My oldest has been gravitating toward the front man role lately.  He’s curious about singing.  He knows the cover songs we sing.  And this weekend, he took a big leap forward in bravery.  At the end of our first set, we were playing the Chris Cornell James Bond theme “You Know My Name” and as we approached the first chorus, he came up and held his hand up to reach for the microphone.  He then proceeded to karaoke with a live band for the rest of the song with me singing backup for him.

It was one of the shining moments of my life.  I cannot help but gush about it.  It was so… I can’t even put it into words how amazing it was.  We were out there singing, under a full moon, in the middle of nowhere, while the fog rolled into the woods around us.  My son was up there on stage with me without a care in the world.  Sure, he was nervous as all hell, but he didn’t care.  He stepped up and did what he wanted to do.

And that’s all I could ask of any of my kids.  Seize the Day.


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