Broken Keyboard. Broken Job.

So.  Here I am.  three quarters into a day off and I have not typed a single word on my computer.  I always have it in my best intentions to write something.  anything.  And yeah, life usually gets in the way.  but today?  Does life get in the way?  Okay, it did a little bit, which I will go into in detail a bit later, but at this moment, yeah.  Life should not have gotten in the way of me writing.  In fact writing has a way of making it better.

My problem with writing today was technical.  Not mental.  i couldn’t write because last night I… yes me.  I spilled an entire 8 oz glass of water on my keyboard after doing a few routine planks and sit-ups.  I grabbed for it and it just jumped out of the way and dumped it’s entire contents onto the keyboard.

I immediately jumped into action, after screaming “fuck-a-duck”, and began to take care of the water with everything possible.  After I got everything dry, I didn’t think anything else about it and went on about my nightly business of cuddling and sleeping like a brick… I was wrong.  I didn’t need any sleeping pills last night or the night before.  So, I am still drug free.

This morning, when I sat down to begin my daily day-off routine of writing a little bit here and there (the draft SIX rewrite is almost complete, but the climax/Act III, is a MESS.  I have a lot of cleaning up to do), First objective, sign into gmail and check.  My phone beeped a couple times over night with that magic beep pertaining to movie stuff.  I wanted to sit down and check.  I plop my butt down in the chair, click to gmail and type in my username and password.  failed.  Hmm.  Oh, there it is, I missed a letter in my username, because I type so fast.  Username.  Password.  Again.  Failed.  Hmm I did the exact same error again.   But wait, my password is more than five characters.  Wow, I really blew it.

And that’s when it hit me.  The keyboard was dead.  I lost the entire right half of the board.  IOP, JKL, NM., 890,  ALL GONE!  You know how hard it is to navigate to a website without using a Period / DOT, or an O or an M?  Yeah,  it’s nigh impossible.  I mean, seriously.  It’s a good thing I have all my porn sites bookmarked.  Otherwise I’d never get off… the home page.  Yeah.  I made the pun.  Deal with it. 

I knew I had laundry to do, so fine.  I’ll get that done and deal with the keyboard later.  Maybe if I pop all the keys off, I can get in there and fix it.  Let me get laundry done first.

While I am doing laundry I get a text from my boss.  “Can you get on a conference call?”  Sure.  I’m just watching the wheels go round and round anyway.  40 minutes of sitting on a muted speakerphone and I learn that my days at my job may be numbered.  I am part of a group of contractors who do work for a very large company.  that very large company is cutting some corners.  “It’s economical”  “It has nothing to do with performance” “We don’t have any details at this point in time.  We don’t know which locations are being cut and by how many”  “If you are one of the technicians that will be affected, you will be notified in the next month or so.  The last day of work will be September 17th and details will follow with severance package information.”

That’s all fine and good, but that’s not the kind of news I want to hear on my day off.  I have much better things I’d rather be doing.  Almost instantly I begin to fear losing those precious medical benefits.  I guess I should go get my teeth done while I still can.  I should probably schedule an operation or two just to make sure I get good use out of the money I’ve put in.  I do my job very well, mainly because I enjoy the work.  At times it can be stressful and management isn’t always the wisest, but the job gets done and I enjoy the work.  After spending so many years with a horrible, HORRIBLE retail job, when you find a schedule that fits just a little better, everything feels so golden.

I have mixed feelings about this revelation today.  I am extremely worried about the potential loss of a job come christmas time.  I am worried about the loss of medical coverage while the divorce is pending.  I am not worried because it will give me time to focus on my work.  My real work, being MOVIE.  And it just plays out as if it were written that way.  Independent filmmaker takes risks.  After bouncing between jobs for two years, he sets out across the Pacific to make his dream come true.  While there he meets Japanese film executive … who is fascinated with the man’s vision and passion for the project… yada yada, happily ever after. 

I suppose I’m fine with it either way.  My home life is stable.  No matter what happens, Japan is already in the books. t he trip is paid for… sort of.  Spending cash just might be REALLY tight.  I’m hoping I can coerce a few people into giving us some spending cash for Christmas… two months early.  I’m not going to worry about that right now.  While  I’m only at the beginning of Act II in my personal life, I still have Act III to perfect in the script.

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