Gray Whiskers and TIFFCOM

The damn weekends get in the way.  Sorry about the lack of posting last week.  I guess I just had some real life shit to deal with.  And it carried over for quite a few days.  The bad news is, my insomnia came back this weekend.  I went two weeks without a sleep aid.  Tonight… will mark the good news.  Oh yeah.  Back on the sleeping pills.  At least for a day or two until I get this under control again.  I was doing good.  I was.

I should focus on the movie a little bit.  After all, that’s what I am writing here for, right?  I’ve briefly touched on it, and I don’t want to get too much into detail.  But one of the reasons I was awake at three am was because my phone made the little jingly noise that I had an email come in.  Now, my phone doesn’t make that noise ALL that often, because, this is the main address associated with my movie making stuff… and well, I haven’t been movie making for quite some time.

The little jingly noise must have rattled me from my sleep as I rolled over to see that the next phase of my registration for the TIFFCOM film market was ready to go.  The next phase being uploading a photo.  This photo is the photo that is going to be used on my ID badge for when I get to the market, so yeah.  I had to put some thought into it.  Well, by the time I dragged myself out of bed at 7:30 this morning all inclinations of thought went out the window.  I grabbed a tripod.  Set the camera to auto-click and propped myself up in front of the Coldest Winter poster I have hanging in my living room.  I immediately threw it into the computer and cropped and edited my ID badge photo.  Had I been more awake… and actually put some thought into it, like I had planned… I may have actually showered.  Shaved.  Put on a more than an army green t shirt that sits too far down my neck.  Maybe. 

I’m a writer after all.  Who says I need to look like an actor?  I’m not pompous enough for that.  I mean, really… the reason I shave my head is for the same reason Einstein didn’t shave his.  There’s no fuss in the morning.  Why put any energy into wasting time and resources on things as trivial as hair?  I have better things to do than that.  Better things, which are apparently taking extreme close up photos of my face at 7:30 in the morning, where i haven’t shaved in two days and the flash on the superdupermegapixelcanonrebel so graciously pointed out that there’s gray in those whiskers. 

Yes.  Gray.  Just a little bit. 

I don’t mind.  For a guy it isn’t a problem at all.  I’m getting older.   that means I’m hitting that point of maturity where I turn from a boy into a sex symbol.  Sean Connery, George Clooney.  I get myself some man whiskers.  OOOH.  I suppose it’s something of a rite of passage, but it makes me wonder.  Why don’t we celebrate that?  To me, it’s a pretty big deal.  When you start to get that salt and pepper look, it takes you to a different level for women.  Perhaps it’s that Freudian part of them that is always seeking out their fathers.  Or perhaps it shows that point where men aren’t just fucking around any more.  Maybe we hit a point in maturity where it is attractive for women when little boys stop banging for the sake of banging… and stop acting that indestructible invincible man and become a dependable, reliable, and vulnerable man.

I can’t explain it.  But that gray is in my beard this morning.  Maybe it was just the flash on the camera. 

So I uploaded the photo instantly.  Despite the dirty t-shirt.  And there it is.  On a Japanese film festival website.

The next portion of my day, I decided to focus on something that I really have needed do for about a week now.  I was born on national procrastination day and this one has scared me a little bit.  Last week I got the PROJECT APPLICATION for TIFFCOM.  This is the application for the project itself.  This would be a project backed by the market and pretty much get you into the real important meetings.  Pretty much 5% of projects submitted are put into this upper echelon category.  It’s a tough sell, but, it doesn’t cost me anything other than my time.  I filled out the paperwork pretty much immediately.  What kept me at procrastinating has been writing the two page treatment of the script.

Where the script is a skeleton for a film, the treatment is the skeleton for a script.  I’m sure I’ve had treatments in various shapes and sizes for this project.  But, I’ve never written a formal one.  And this one… I need to take seriously.  Having a due date helps.  It’s due by June 30th. 

I sat down and wrote my treatment this morning. 

My two page treatment is four pages long.

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