Another flashback… a quick one.

One last quickie before bed.  I don’t plan on making a habit out of this, but reading my own words at the dawn of my film career just made me smile.  I just came across this snippet from a journal, transcribed to said lost blog.  This is my first real inkling of my career as an indie filmmaker.

SUNDAY APRIL 30th, 2000: 10:01 PM

“A week has gone by. The website has done fairly well. We’ve had over a hundred hits in seven days. Seems the net is a way to get your movie made. I have only landed a couple of actors, and some fairly impressive crew people, but it’s a start. The ad runs for another three weeks. I’ve discovered that storyboarding SUCKS. I am not a fan of drawing those. That is for sure. I have to get to work at tearing apart the screenplay, which I am not looking forward to. I have to figure out what scenes to shoot when and where. Who needs to be where. What number all the scenes are. Damn. That sucks too… But… this is coming together, and how long could it all take? A couple hours.

I still cannot believe that this is all coming together. I am in over my head now. There is no turning back. None whatsoever. The camera will be making its way to us soon. Can’t wait to get this over now. I want to see it on screen. Goddamn dream come true”

…Now, just remember where the internet was in 2000.  It’s certainly not where it is today. 

That being said… I am getting that same feeling inside about the current project.  And I have not felt that way in a very long time.

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